Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wow! New Job...............

It has been a frantic couple of weeks. My head of department and second in department left at the end of term, I have been asked to teach the lesson some of the lessons that they have not been able to get a supply teacher for. So this term I will teaching 7 lesson a week, which is really exciting! I now have 2 weeks to plan all my lessons and sort out all my PowerPoint's etc.

On another exciting (and not entirly unrelated) matter, I have finally managed to save enough money to buy my laptop! So on Tuesday I went down to the shop (with lots of money in cash - that I had just withdrawn from the bank) and purchased a lovely Sony Vaio NR21M laptop - which I am happily typing on now!

I finished Leftovers, but am going to knit another one in black bamboo so that I have a variety to wear.

Lyrail has moved to Bloodhoof server so that she can join the Ravelry Guild when it is up and running. So Jo and I are going to quest together as we are now on the same server (when WoW has finished updating of course!)

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