Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Most Fantastic Holiday Ever!

We returned from our amazing holiday on Friday. It was a week of really exciting activities. We climbed up climbing towers, hiked over Dartmoor, investigated what bugs lived in different habitats, stretched our bodies more than we could have though possible and as if that wasn't enough we had a whole day on a beach building sandcastles! I will post some of our pictures when I have got them uploaded!

Saturday, August 05, 2006


It has been a very busy week this week, we have been waking up every morning at 7.15 so that we can get to the swimming pool for 8.45am. We've been cycling down to the pool which is great fun. Charlie has a trailer bike that attaches onto my own, we get lots of people doing a double take as we cycle by!

Charlie has been doing an intensive swimming course this week, half an hour every morning (including today - Saturday). Its started off slow with the children building up their confidence in the water, by the end of the week the children were putting their faces into the water.

As I can't teach Charlie to swim (as I can't swim myself) I think its really important that she goes on these sorts of things. She is very proud that she can now put her face in the water and swim using only a float.