Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wow! New Job...............

It has been a frantic couple of weeks. My head of department and second in department left at the end of term, I have been asked to teach the lesson some of the lessons that they have not been able to get a supply teacher for. So this term I will teaching 7 lesson a week, which is really exciting! I now have 2 weeks to plan all my lessons and sort out all my PowerPoint's etc.

On another exciting (and not entirly unrelated) matter, I have finally managed to save enough money to buy my laptop! So on Tuesday I went down to the shop (with lots of money in cash - that I had just withdrawn from the bank) and purchased a lovely Sony Vaio NR21M laptop - which I am happily typing on now!

I finished Leftovers, but am going to knit another one in black bamboo so that I have a variety to wear.

Lyrail has moved to Bloodhoof server so that she can join the Ravelry Guild when it is up and running. So Jo and I are going to quest together as we are now on the same server (when WoW has finished updating of course!)

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Horrendous Horrible Illness

Yuck! I have spent this week full of - what can only be described as - an evil virus. I not only got sent home from work on Tuesday, but subsequently spent three days sleeping on my sofa! No knitting! No WoW! More importantly no assignment writing!!
However, I am starting to feel better. I can breathe without gasping, stand without feeling faint and actually have some energy! Only the hacking cough remains.

Charlie has had a wonderful week, as I have been taking and collecting her from school (all be it while shuffling down the road looking like death itself!). She is currently sorting out what animal she would like to sponser from London Zoo this year. After much debate and research between the African Hunting Dog and the Golden Mantella Frog - the Hunting Dog was the winner!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Long Time No See

Wow it certainly has been a long time since I last posted, but as I am now on Ravelry it makes sense to at least try to have an up-to-date blog to link to my page!

I completely blame my new found obsession with WoW and knitting, not to mention trying to study for my OU degree, as justifiable reason for not blogging!

I am currently trying to finish my assignments in time for the 14th March. I have to write about why the VHS cassette tape was innovative and also my strategic review for project, which is on knitting (I thought I would at least combine some of my obsessions!).

On the knitting front, my Leftovers Top is going well. I only have 2" to go before I have to divide for the armholes. I am using Rowan Calmer, which I absolutely love!

Charlie is now in Year 2 and is busy getting ready for her 'Dress as a Book Character' on Friday for World Book Day. She is going in her Japanese Yukata that Grandpa brought her on his last trip to Japan.

I am also going to be posting my first ever swap parcel today. I have had so much fun putting together a parcel full of really fun quirky things for my swap partner. Including yarn made from banana skin! I can't wait to see what she thinks of it.

I will try and post more often.........