Saturday, March 08, 2008

Horrendous Horrible Illness

Yuck! I have spent this week full of - what can only be described as - an evil virus. I not only got sent home from work on Tuesday, but subsequently spent three days sleeping on my sofa! No knitting! No WoW! More importantly no assignment writing!!
However, I am starting to feel better. I can breathe without gasping, stand without feeling faint and actually have some energy! Only the hacking cough remains.

Charlie has had a wonderful week, as I have been taking and collecting her from school (all be it while shuffling down the road looking like death itself!). She is currently sorting out what animal she would like to sponser from London Zoo this year. After much debate and research between the African Hunting Dog and the Golden Mantella Frog - the Hunting Dog was the winner!

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