Monday, December 08, 2008


I have now accepted that I am not a 'blogging' person. Mainly because I always forget to update it. In the same why that I am not a Facebook person, or Twitter person - despite having accounts!

So with this realisation, I am not going to worry (not that I was already) about keeping things updated. So should you stumble upon this sadly neglected blog, I hope you understand that this will be very infrequently - if ever - updated.

So for what will probably be the last update in a long long time:

Sadly Queen Elizabeth the 2nd died a few weeks ago, (that is Charlie's hamster: Queenie). It was a relief at the end when she finally died as she was so frail, poor thing.

I have been knitting the 'Evil' jumper for a while and it is nearing completion. I say evil, because it is covered in cables, bobbles and 2 by 2 rib and so therefore is evil to knit and has required much much frogging! However, Charlie is getting quite excited about being able to wear it soon, especially as there is only 11cm of 2 by 2 rib left! (Not counting the seaming etc.)

The Somewhat Cowl has been languishing, mainly because it too has got to the 2 by 2 rib stage and so it driving me crazy! But as I want to wear it, I will have to bite the bullet and get on with it!

On WoW Lyrail is nearly 65, and I am trying to save for her flying mount (most unsuccessfully). I also have my new Death Knight Anisele who is grinding her mining and blacksmithing up ( and getting lots of lovely achievements whilst doing it!).

So that's it for the moment - a very brief synopsis of whats been going on, and probably the last post for quite some time!

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